An Easy To Use Toolkit For State Legislators to Create Environmental Legislative Action


A Curated List of Environmental Laws That Both Protect The Environment and Support Economic and Job Growth

Laws that protect the environment and the health of citizens, while simultaneously supporting economic and job growth, are being passed in state legislatures across the United States. These laws are more important than ever before and, increasingly, the work being done at the subnational level is having an impact on national and global decision making. The USC Schwarzenegger Institute and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators have partnered with one another to create this online resource that will help state legislators throughout America learn from their colleagues in other states. We hope to assist legislators who are interested in advancing smart environmental policies by sharing best practices and actual legislation that is working successfully in a number of states already.

Governor Schwarzenegger has long insisted that voters aren't interested in Republican air or Democrat air but instead simply want clean air. That belief has guided our thought process when choosing the legislation to include in this database. We believe that lawmakers from both political parties and all 50 states will be able to use this resource to find creative legislative solutions to many of the environmental and public health issues facing the people and communities they represent.

This list, although extensive, is by no means complete. We look forward to expanding the list of legislation shared on this website and encourage you to recommend bills from your respective states that you believe can be helpful to legislators elsewhere in America.

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"The USC Schwarzenegger Institute believes that the best public policy decisions are supported by facts and data, and that leaders must rise above partisan politics when addressing the great challenges of the day. We have created a toolkit to help legislators, at all levels of government, make smart decisions and craft informed laws that benefit from the experience and best practices of their colleagues across the United States. The United Nations recognized the powerful and important work taking place at the subnational level at the COP 21 Summit in Paris and acknowledged that the success of the international agreement - signed by over 190 countries - depends on the actions of state and regional governments. The Schwarzenegger Institute is pleased to support those efforts and to continue supporting the advances being made by local leaders in communities throughout America with this online resource."

Bonnie Reiss
Global Director, USC Schwarzenegger Institute

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You don't need the government to protect the planet, you can do it yourself -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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